Hello all

This week theme is Sports and Service Week. 

For sports, pick a campus game or facility to have some fun with your counterpart. 
                       Haven't ice skate since you came to Clarkson? Check out the OPEN SKATE SCHEDULE 
                                Have you check out the hockey names recently? Check out the WOMAN HOCKEY GAME SCHEDULE

For service, this Saturday Feb. 25th from 11-2pm @ Snell177 , NSBE is hosting Science Fair (fill with fun Science experiments) for Kids from Middle School and up. Come with your mentor or mentee to get these kids excited about science! 

Those are a few suggestions on what you can do with your mentor or your mentee 

If you have any questions of concerns
PLease feel free to contact me

Hello Mentors and Mentee!

This week's Mentorship Program Theme will be 
                                     Have a Meal with Your Counterpart 
We would encourage you to talk to your mentor or mentee about the following
  •     Campus Resources that are create and available for you. 
  •     Leadership Opportunities and Growth 
You don't nessary have to have a meal with your counterpart. But if you havn't, you may be surprise how easy networking happens with a simple meal!

Have a great time

Your AEx
Hello Everyone! 
Thank you for participating in the Mentorship Program. This session of the website will be updated regualrly with posting of new events and themes regarding to mentorship program. Please do visit regularly to get updates!!!! Email will still be sent regularly with  a link for specific directions on this web page. 
Please stay tone. 

Your AEX